for reka kutas reka
liveset with cellorecordings by reka kutas 2020 mp3
she took a bucket full of muck, mud and ashes sta
inspired by flann o'brien, smallforms 2020 flac
the human argument on berzelius dust
by miriam stoney & vinzenz schwab, 4:22min, cashmereradio 2020 flac or mp3/ogg
16.356640 16
by Philip Leitner & Vinzenz Schwab, 13:38min, released on Numeral, Buenos Aires 2020 mp3
dedicated to metronomes z
for disquiet0438 7:02min 2020 flac or mp3/ogg
the exquisite solitude of the city cyclist cc
composition for radioplay by miriam stoney 11:11min 2019 not online
250 varianten für f 250vf
composition for 12 loundspeakers, voice by barbara togander 10:05min 2018 not online
liveset - andreas stoiber & vinzenz schwab i
live recording october 22:44min 2018 video
mäander 2 - vinzenz schwab
cd digipack, 2017, canto crudo - ccr902 order
bloeder 3. mittwoch - barbara togander & vinzenz schwab bdm
20:01 min, 2017 flac
livecut - philip leitner & vinzenz schwab i
live recording at smallforms18:07min 2016, video by anna bertsch video
halbnarr mix
radio mix 60min 2016 mp3/ogg
decrecimiento exponencial - daniel lercher & vinzenz schwab mappa lucenec/ slovakia de
limited edition chrome cassette in paper sleeve & online release 2016
dings #1 - vinzenz schwab d1
cd digipack, 2014, canto crudo - ccr901 order

CAVE computermusic canto crudo - special edition, ccr304

4 compositions by g.rabl, v.schwab, d.lercher, r.bruzek, cd jewelcase, 2014 order
variations on chieko mori's "tension of direction" mp3
original koto-piece bychieko mori recorded by wolfgang musil ateoa 06:06min 2012  
live@velakgala #69 - mario del nunzio & vinzenz schwab flac or mp3/ogg
mario del nunzio: (guitar&efx) vinzenz schwab: (live-electr.) konzerthaus 22.05min.2012 pics
live@velakgala #44 flac or mp3
solo-set 10:56min 2009  
velak-rec #01 live@garnison7 flac, ogg or mp3
gloria damijan(prepared piano, toy piano), vinzenz schwab(live-electr.) 14:09min 2009